Creating Greatness Now Leadership Academy
Creating Greatness Now Leadership Academy offers African American girls high quality resources in the categories of leadership skills, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship. The Creating Greatness Now Leadership Academy works to build a group of transformative African American leaders who hold a lifelong commitment to making lasting change in the African American community. Creating Greatness Now Leadership Academy is focused on leadership development for young African American girls. Through empowering, educating, and equipping, we prepare them with the necessary tools that will affect the world at large. This is accomplished by promoting positive images about young black girls, developing their leadership capabilities, introducing them to entrepreneurship, and imparting a goal of academic excellence. Our young girls are trained to be leaders today and are prepared for leadership tomorrow. They give back by performing volunteer services in their communities and internationally. They also give back by mentoring and coaching other students. Mission & Vision: Its mission is to empower, equip, and educate girls in developing strategies, and actions that when implemented leads to success in both their personal and academic lives. Our vision is to create a new reality where young black girls are sought out as leaders, along with eradicating the “ism’s” i.e. sexism, classism, racism, etc. that has the ability to control and destroy lives.