Creating Greatness Now Leadership Academy

What We Do

Preparing Girls for Success

At Creating Greatness Now (CGN), we strongly believe in the power of girls to effect change. We believe it is not enough to tell girls they can change the world without equipping them to take on the task. This is why we encourage young girls to dream big, as well as provide direction and skills to help them make those dreams a reality.

Girls hear that education and training will enable them to get jobs, earn income, care for their families, participate in their communities and local economies, and change the world. But, we’ve found that girls hear these messages, and don’t feel like they have the power to overcome the obstacles they can so easily name.

Across the globe, more girls are in the classroom, but they continue to be the lesser-paid, lesser-hired and lesser-appreciated members of society as they seek to join the workforce.

Girls are being told over and over they can make a difference in their world. But they’re also confronted with realities in their families, communities and countries challenging that ideal.

If girls are going to succeed in their life and career goals, they must be provided with guidance, training and resources. That’s why we’ve launched a program dedicated to preparing girls for success, empowering them with the requisite skills to leave their dream and be all that they can be.

Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship

At CGN, we provide girls with endless opportunities to change the world via entrepreneurship. We identify the interests of each girl, help them discover their unique skillsets and identify the unique opportunities it presents in our ever changing world. We use the information obtained to train, shape, and guide the girls in developing their unique skillsets while considering their individual interests, into becoming entrepreneurs and being the best they can be.

We provide practical training and mentorship for each girl in line with their interests, skillset and aspirations. We also develop their minds to identify unique opportunities within their environment which they can explore towards making a difference.

Ending Social Injustices

Contrary to widely held and unquestioned beliefs, injustice and oppression are not inevitable, natural characteristics of human life. Social workers and social policy professionals have always been involved with victims of injustice and oppression. Yet though they tend to grasp intuitively and emotionally the meaning of these dehumanizing conditions, they usually lack theoretical insights into their causes and into strategies to transform unjust and oppressive social, economic, and political institutions into just and non-oppressive alternatives. To close such a gap in social work knowledge, CGN has developed strategies for social change to help girls overcome injustice and oppression in all areas of their lives.

Without self-confidence, then any effort geared towards training these girls would be futile. At CGN, consciously help girls to build their self-confidence is one of our major strategies in combating social injustice and shaping them for a brighter and better future.